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  A Nonpartisan Grassroots Network + Catalytic Action Platform


As architects dedicated to healthy and livable communities, and guided by scientific consensus and reason, we Advocate for Action on Climate Change.


Architects Advocate 2.0 - A Catalytic Action Platform


Individual Actions:

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The Open Letter supports the Bipartisan Climate Solution Caucus in the US House of Representatives which explores policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate. New Members can only join in pairs of 1 Democrat and 1 Republican, ensuring a bipartisan balance. 

Use the letter to contact your Representative in Congress and ask her/him to join - click here.

You are someone’s boss – the elected leaders in your districts. Your first responsibility as a citizen in our democracy is to be aware that you are in charge of the elected officials who represent you. These politicians work for and report to you. It is your job to hold them accountable.

Support candidates for public office who affirm climate science and who are dedicated to enact meaningful and needed legislation.

Mark your calendar and vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections on Tuesday, 6 November 2018.


Firm Actions:

The 2030 Commitment is a global initiative to help architecture and engineering firms track their progress toward the 2030 Challenge established in 2006 by Architecture 2030. The 2030 Challenge calls for all new buildings, developments, and major renovations to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Over 400 firms nationwide have adopted the challenge so far.

We Are Still In is a network of networks representing more than 127 million Americans and $6.2 trillion of the U.S. economy. More than 2,500 leaders from America’s city halls, state houses, boardrooms, and college campuses have signed the We Are Still In declaration, demonstrating America’s enduring commitment to tackling climate change, ensuring a clean energy future, and upholding the Paris Climate Agreement.

If your firm offers a 401(k) plan for employees, consider including fossil fuel free fund options as part of the 20 investment plans typically offered.

When people divest from fossil fuel companies, they align their investment criteria with their green values.


Member Firms:

+lab Architect
2 Point Perspective

2R/Z Architecture
2401 Incorporated
A. DeLane Design Studio
Abruna & Musgrave Architects
ACDC Studio
agps architecture
AIM Associates
Alchemy Architects

Altus Works
American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter
Anderson Architects
Angela Klein, Architect
Ania Jaworska
Annapolis Landscape Architects

Anthony Hurtig Architect
Antunovich Associates
Archimage Architects
Architecture is Fun
Ashley McGraw Architects
Astoria Building Design
Atelier Ten

B. Weinstein Associates
Bailey Edward
Bauer Latoza Studio
Bisbee Architecture + Design
bKL Architecture
BKSK Architects
Blackburn Architects
Blank Studio Design + Architecture
BlinkLAB Architecture
BLUEdot Design
Bonstra | Haresign Architects
Booth Hansen
Bora Architects
Brian Maite Architecture
Bright Common
Brininstool + Lynch
Brooks + Scarpa
Brubaker Architects
Brush Architects
Building Studio
Burhani Design Architects

Butzer Architects and Urbanism
BVH Architecture
California Institute of Environmental Design & Manegment
Call Studio
Canopy/Architecture + Design

Caples Jefferson Architects
Carlo Parente Architect
CCY Architects
Charles Moore Foundation
Charles Pipal
Chicago Design Office
Chicago Green
Chicago Greenbricks
Chinook Systems
Chipman Design Architecture
Chris Binger Architect
Christopher Strom Architects
Circle West Architects
Circo Architects

CITY designworks

Civic Projects
Clark Buchner Architect
Cleary Design Studio
Collective Office
Common Sense Design
Community Heritage Partners
Constantine D. Vasilios & Assoc.
Conservation Design Forum
Constructora Acuario
Cordogan Clark & Associates
Corey Gaffer Photography
Critical Architecture & Design
Dan Miller Architects
DARCH James Dart
Deam + Dine

Deanna Berman Design Alternatives
D/O - Dwyer/ Oglesbay
David Fleener Architects
Deborah Berke Partners
Dennehy Architects
DeOld Anderson Architecture
Design Evanston
Design For Risk
Design Synergies Architecture
Design with Company
Dev Architects

Development Managment Associates
DiMella Shaffer
Dirk Denison Architects
Dooley Associates
Drawing Conclusions
Drayton Design
DSGN Associates
DTW Architects + Planners
Duvivier Architects
Eastlake Studio 
Eckenhoff Saunders Architects
Eco_logic Studio
Edward Keegan Architect

Ellen Grimes
Ellipsis Architecture + Design
emarstudio for Public Architecture
Energry Without Borders
Environ Architecture
Eric Joseph Architect
Estudio Verde Architects
Facade Tectonics Institute
Farr Associates
Feldman Architecture
Fieldwork Design Group
Fitzgerald APD
FLOAT Architectural Research and Design
Florian Architects
Full Circle Architects
Fuster + Architects
Future Firm
FXFOWLE Architects
Garrett Lee Ltd
Garth Sheriff Architect
GBBN Architects

Gerhard Zinserling Architects
Gigi McCabe-Miele Architects
Gray Organschi Architecture
Great Blue Heron Studio Architects
Green Building Architects
Green Ideas Building Science Consultants
Goody Clancy
Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects
HA Architecture
Handel Architects
Harbinson Architects

Harboe Architects
Harding Partners
Harley Ellis Devereaux
Helena van Vliet
Helix Architecture + Design
Herman Coliver Locus Architecture
HJKessler Associates

Holabird + Root
Holly Street Studio Architects

Hyphae Design Lab
Ibanez Architecture
ICL Architecture
IJM Group

Ingenious Architecture
INTERFORM Architecture + Design

INVISION planning | architecture | interiors
Jan Hird Pokorny Associates

Jaros Baum & Bolles
Jersey Devil
John D. Kelley, AIA Architect
John deSalvo Design
John Kaliski Architects

John Kelly Architects
John Mariani Architecture
John Ronan Architects
Johnson Lasky Kindelin Architects
Jonathan Whitten + Associates
Jones | Haydu

Jones Design Studio
Jones Studio

Jordan Mozer & Associates
Jurassic Studio
Kaplan Thompson Architects

Katherine Austin, AIA, Architect
Kaufman ONeil Architecture
KGM Architectural Lighting
Kipnis Architecture + Planning

Klein and Hoffman
Konstrukcio Studio
Krueck + Sexton Architects
Kuklinski + Rappe
Kupiec Architects

Lake Flato
Lane M Duncan
Landon Bone Baker
Latent Design
The Laurentia Project
Lawton Stanley Architects
Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

Leers Weinzapfel Associates
Legat Architects
Lehrer Architects
Libby Raab Architecture
Lightswitch Architectural
Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architects
Liv Companies
LMN Architects
Locus Architecture
Lorraine Bonaventura Architects
Louise Braveman Architect
Louise Harpman PROJECTS
LTL Architects
LUCE et studio
Lucy C. Williams, Architect
Lundberg Design
Mahlum Architects
Managed Environments
Manske Dieckmann Thompson
MAP Strategies
Marble Fairbanks Architects

Mark DeKay
Mark Eric Benner - Architects

MAS Studio
Matthew Viederman Architect PC
McKay Landscape Architecture

Michael Hennessey Architecture
Mitchell Garman Architects
MIIM Designs
Miller Hull Partnership
Min | Day
MMW Architects

Morgante Wilson Architects
Morse and Cleaver Architects

Nadi Design
Nagle Hartray Architecture
Nest Architecture
Newman Architects
NIA Architects

Nicholas Design Collaborative
NK Architects
No Architecture
Norman Kelley
Northlights Architects
Office of Charles F Bloszies

OKW Architects
Olson House
Opsis Architecture
ORE Design + Technology
Overland Partners Architects
Pappageorge Haymes Partners
Parallax Landscape

Patricia K. Emmons Architecture
Paul Hydzik Photography
Paul J. Levine, Architect
Paul Preissner Architects
Peabody Architects
Pfaffmann + Associates
Pirie Associates Architects
P.K. VanderBeke, Architect
Propel Sutdio

Proteus Group
Pliskin Architecture 
PLY Architecture
Public Design Architects
Pullman Architects
Quantum Architects

RADA Architects
RAND Engineering & Architecture 
Range Design & Architecture
RDM Architecture
Read & Company Architects
Reed Hilderbrand
Reif Architects

(R)evolition Architecture
Richard + Bauer Architecture and Design
Richard Renner | Architects

Risinger + Associates
Rob Paulus Architects
Robin Ashley Architects
Roche + Roche Landscape Architecture

Rockford Associates

Rockwell Associates Architects
Ronnette Riley Architect
Ross Barney Architects
RossTarrant Architects
Ricardo Zurita Architecture & Planning
River Architects
Ruhl Walker Architects
Runberg Architecture Group
Rykerson Architecture

S. Conger Architects
Sam Marts Architects & Planners
Samina Iqbal Architects
Sanders Pace Architecture
Scattergood Design
Schuler Shook
Searl Lamaster Howe Architects
Selbert Perkins Design
SERA Architects
Serena Strum Architects

SHED 5tudio
Sheldon Pennoyer Architects
Shelter Architecture

Shepley Bulfinch
Shepphird Associates
Sheri Olson Architecture
Sheryl Jordan Architect
Siamak Mostoufi Architect
Siegel & Strain Architects
Silvestro Design Operations

Site Design Group
Skillful Means
Skylab Architecture
SKJN Architekten
Slacter Design Studio

Snow Kreilich Architects
South Mountain Company

Space Architects + Planners
Spirit of Space
Spring Architects
SRG Partnership

Stephen J. Wierzbowski
Sterling/Brown Architects
Sterner Designs

STL Architects
Strawn + Sierralta
Stayner Architects
Steffen + Schwerin Architects
Stewardship, Inc.
Steve Martino & Associates
Studio Dwell

Studio Gang
Studio KDA
Studio M MERGE
Studio Ma

Studio Nigro Architecture + Design
Studio VK
Studio Villanueva Architecture
Synecdoche Design Studio
TE Studio
Team A
TEF Design
Terrapin Bright Green

Terry Guen Design Associates
The Structural Group
Thomas Roszak Architecture
Thompson Naylor Architects
Threshold Acoustics

Tilton Kelly + Bell
Tod Williams Billie Tsien | Partners
Tom Harris Photography
Transsolar KlimaEngineering
Trillium Architects
Troyer Group
Turn Collaborative

Van Meter Williams Pollack
VeeDeeGee Architecture Design Fabrication
Verdical Group
Via Chicago Architects + Diseñadores
Vinci Hamp Architecture
Vladimir Radutny Architects
Welch Architecture
Wiemann Lamphere Architects
Will Bruder Architects
Worn Jerabek Wiltse Architects
Wrap Architecture
WRNS Studio
ZGF Architects
ZIA [zero impact architecture]
Zoetic Architecture


"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them."

- Albert Einstein