Open Letter to President Trump

March 31, 2017  updated

President Trump and                     Members of Congress,

As American architects and landscape architects, we are dedicated to creating healthy, productive, and safe communities for all. We are committed to doing so in a way that is economically viable, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable. In these communities, families and businesses thrive.

Throughout our great history we have always depended on the natural environment. It has nurtured us and has enabled vast freedom, growth, innovation, and profit. Today we are already experiencing the potentially irreversible negative impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. American prosperity is at risk. Our children and grandchildren face the real possibility of our country and world in turmoil.

 Because buildings alone account for almost 40% of total U.S. energy use and 72% percent of U.S. electricity use, America’s architects are on the front line addressing climate change in a meaningful way. Action on climate change is supported across party lines by significant majorities of Americans, including the military and leaders of industry, faith, science, and education.

By taking decisive action now we all can be remembered as historic and courageous actors who helped secure humanity’s future. We can turn our climate challenge into an unrivaled economic opportunity that creates desirable and healthy jobs in rural and urban communities alike.

All Americans win if:

We invest in a clean and competitive U.S. economy that is powered by renewable energy through cost-effective and innovative solutions. This creates jobs and lowers the costs of living and doing business.

We stand up to the influence of special interest money in politics to create a truly level playing field. Subsidies for renewable energy technologies should be equal to the many hidden and costly subsidies that support fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Alternatively, all subsidies across all energy sources should be removed in their entirety.

 We re-affirm America’s commitment to addressing climate change through the continued participation in the historic Paris Climate Agreement.

We invite you to join our commitment to developing healthy and prosperous communities, and to designing and building the great America that future generations deserve.

Together, we can ensure our children and grandchildren will remember us with pride.


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2 Point Perspective: Architecture + Interiors , Chicago IL

22b design , Chicago IL

2rz Architecture , Chicago IL

34-TEN, LLC , Chicago IL

361 Architecture , Sausalito CA

450 Architects , San Francisco CA

590BC , Brooklyn NY


A. DeLane Design , Evanston IL

Abode Architects , Evanston IL

Abramson Teiger Architects , Culver City CA

Abruna & Musgrave, Architects , San Juan PR

Abruzzo Bodziak Architects , Brooklyn NY

aerea , Eugene OR

agps architecture , Los Angeles CA

AIM Associates , Petaluma CA

Albert R. Russell, Architect , Milton VT

Alchemy Architects , Saint Paul MN

alex ward, architect , Los Angeles CA

Alima Silverman Architect , Santa Rosa CA

Altamanu, Inc , Chicago IL

AltusWorks , Chicago IL

aMa-Architecture, Inc , Chicago IL

Ana Williamson Architect , Menlo Park CA

Anderson Krygier, Inc. , Portland OR

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture , San Francisco CA

Andrew Jaworski, AIA , Chicago IL

Angela Klein, Architect , Alameda CA

Anjali Grant Design , Seattle WA

Ankrom Moisan Architects , Portland OR

Annapolis Landscape Architects , Annapolis MD

Anthony Belluschi FAIA, Consulting Architect , Portland OR

Antunovich Associates , Chicago IL

AR Architecture , Brooklyn NY

ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge , Boston MA

Archimage Architects, Ltd. , Chicago IL

archimania , Memphis TN

architect findeisen , Manchester VT

Architect Milford Wayne Donaldson FAIA , Fair Oaks CA

architect's office , San Francisco CA

architecture + interiors , Berkeley CA


Architecture Is Fun, Inc. , Chicago IL

Architecture Research Office , New York NY

architecture+ , Berkeley CA

Archturus , Saint Paul MN

ARExA , New York NY

Arocordis Design , Middlesex VT

Aron Temkin, Architect , Montpelier VT

Arrowstreet, Boston MA

Ashley McGraw Architects , Syracuse NY

Atelier Joerg Ruegemer , Park City UT

Avoid Obvious Architects , Jamaica NY


B. Weinstein Associates , Highland Park IL

Badger and Associates, Inc. , Manchester Center VT

Bailey Edward Design, Inc. , Chicago IL

Baranski Hammer Moretta & Sheehy , Galena IL

Barbara Llewellyn Architecture , Berkeley CA

Bassetti Architects , Seattle WA

Bauer Latoza Studio , Chicago IL

Beame Architectural Partnership , Miami FL

berry/spatz architects , Evanston IL

Beta-field , Charlottesville VA

Bisbee Architecture + Design , Santa Rosa CA

bKL Architecture , Chicago IL

BKS Architekten AG , Concord NH

Blackburn Architects, PC , Washington DC

Blacksmith Hollow Studios , Salt Lake City UT

Blinklab Architecture , Oakland CA

Blue Truck, Inc. , San Francisco CA

BNIM , Des Moines IA

Boe Studio Architects , Torrington CT

Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS , Washington DC

Booth Hansen , Chicago IL

Bora Architects , Portland OR

Bork Design, Inc. , Athens GA

Boyer Architects LLC , Evanston IL

Brewer Studio Architects , Sebastopol CA

Brian Dove Architect , Chicago IL

Brian Maite, Architect , Elmwood Park IL

Bright Common , Philadelphia PA

Brininstool + Lynch , Chicago IL

Brooks + Scarpa , Los Angeles CA

Brubaker , Chicago IL

Brush Architects, LLC. WBE, FBE, SBE , Chicago IL

BTL Architects, Inc. , Chicago IL

building Lab , Emeryville CA

Burhani Design Architects , Chicago IL

Burris/Wagnon Architects , Jackson MS


Calculated Plans - Architecture , Starksboro VT

CAMESgibson , Chicago IL

Canopy / Architecture + Design LLC , Chicago IL

Caples Jefferson Architects , Long Island City NY

Carlo Parente Architect , Chicago IL

Carlson Studio Architecture , Sarasota FL

Carole Post Interior Design , Chicago IL

Casagrande Architects LLC , Chicago IL

Cascade Design Collaborative , Seattle WA

CaVA Architects, llp , Philadelphia PA

Chaatrik Architecture , Middletown OH

Charles Fill Architects, LLC , Chicago IL

Charles Pipal, AIA , Riverside IL

Chen & Associates, A+E , Sebastopol CA

Chipman Design Architecture , Des Plaines IL

ChrDAUER Architects , San Francisco CA

Chris Binger Architect , San Diego CA

Christopher Strom Architects , St. Louis Park MN

Circle West Architects , Phoenix AZ

Circo Architects, Inc. , Riverside IL

CITYdesignworks , Nevada City CA

Civic Projects , Oak Park IL

Clark Buchner Architect , Memphis TN

Clark Graff, Architect , Thetford Center VT

Cleary Design Studio , Snoqualmie WA

cnz design , Los Angeles CA

Coen + Partners , Minneapolis MN

Collective Office , Chicago IL

Colorspace Architecure & Urban Design , Austin TX

Conservation Design Forum, Inc. , Elmhurst IL

Constantine D. Vasilios & Assoc. , Chicago IL

Cook Architectural Design Studio , Chicago IL

Cordogan Clark & Associates , Chicago IL

Corporate Architectural Services, PC , Hinsdale IL


Cowperthwaite Architecture LLC , Denver CO

Cox Group Architects LLC , Appleton WI

Crandall-Ritzu Architects , Chicago IL

Critical Architecture & Design , Denver CO

CYLA Design Associates, Inc. , Oak Park IL


D Radheshwar Architect , Shirley NY

D.A.Hall Architect,PC , Philadelphia PA

d+k Architects & Interiors , Chicago IL

Dan Miller Architects Ltd , Chicago IL

Dante Amato, AIA-Architect , Las Vegas NV

Daryl Woods Architect , Watsonville CA

Dave Henry Architecture P.C. , Cary IL

David Crabbe-Architect , San Carlos CA

David Fleener Architects , Chicago IL

David Heymann, Architect FAIA , Austin TX

David L. Brost, Architect , Deerfield IL

David Olson Designs , Glenview IL

Davies Toews , New York NY

Daylight Studio , Oak Park IL

Deam + Dine , Sausalito CA

Deanna Berman Design Alternatives , Chicago IL

DeBaker Design Group, Ltd. , Skokie IL

Deborah Berke Partners , New York NY

Deborah Schwab Landscape Architecture , Annapolis MD

Debra McQueen Architect Inc. , Oak Park IL

Delta Design Build Workshop , Greenwood MS

Denise R. Arnold LLC , Highland Park IL

DeOld Andersen Architecture , Omaha NE

Design Evanston , Evanston IL

Design for Risk , New York NY

Design Smak , Evanston IL

Design Team, LLC , Highland Park IL

design2 LAST, inc , Edmonds WA

Design42 Architecture, LLC , New York NY

DesignBuildBLUFF , Salt Lake City UT

Dev Architects , Woodside CA

Dewey + Associates, Architects , Londonderry VT

Diana Kelly Design , Santa Barbara CA

Dilworth Eliot Studio , San Francisco CA

Dirk Denison Architects , Chicago IL

DOES Architecture , San Francisco CA

Donald Sherefkin, Architecture , Marlboro VT

Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc. , Burlington VT

Douglas Gilbert Architect, Inc. , Oak Park IL

Doyle & Associates , Chicago IL

Dragani Martone Studio, LLP , Philadelphia PA

DRIFT-Design , Oakland CA

DSGN AGNC , Brooklyn NY

DSGN Associates , Dallas TX

DTW Architects + Planners , Durham NC

Duncan Wisniewski Architecture , Burlington VT

Duvivier Architects , Venice CA

Dwyer/Oglesbay , Minneapolis MN

DXU, LLC , Chicago IL


EAA (Earles Architects and Associates) , Chicago IL

Eastlake Studio , Chicago IL

Eben Smith, architect , Chicago IL

Eckenhoff Saunders Architects , Chicago IL

Edward Keegan Architect , Chicago IL

EHDD , San Francisco CA

Eilering Architecture , Belleville IL

Elizabeth Herrmann architecture + design , Lincoln VT

Ellen Pulner Hunt Architect, Inc. , Austin TX

Ellipsis Architecture , Chicago IL

emar Studio for Public Architecture , Culver City CA

envelope A+D , Berkeley CA

Environ Architecture, Inc. , Long Beach CA

Equinox Design , Sebastopol CA

EQUINOX Design and Development , Windsor CA

Eric Joseph Gering, Architect, PC , New York NY

Eric Morrow, AIA , Burlington VT

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple , New Orleans LA



F. W. Horton & Associates , Shelburne VT

Factoryhaus Architecture, LLC , Chicago IL

FARM , Lexington KY

Farr Associates , Chicago IL

Feldman Architecture , San Francisco CA

Fergus Garber Young , Palo Alto CA

Fieldwork Design Group , Chicago IL

Fiona E. O'Neill, Architect , The Sea Ranch CA

Fitch Architecture & Community Design , Amherst MA

Fithian Architecture , Norman OK

Fitzgerald Architecture Planning Design , Chicago IL

Five-Star Architect Inc PC , Lawton OK

Fletcher Studio , San Francisco CA

FLOAT architectural research and design, Eugene OR

Forge Craft Architecture + Design, Austin TX

Fougeron Architecture, San Francisco CA

Fraerman Associates Architecture, Highland Park IL

Framework Architecture , New York NY

Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. , Kansas City MO

Freeman's Architecture, Flint MI

Freeman French Freeman , Burlington VT

FXFOWLE Architects LLP , New York NY


G-V-V Architects Inc., Burlington VT

Gail Pearson Architect, Falls Church VA

Gates Merkulova Architects, LLP, New York NY

GEMMILL DESIGN Architectural Studio, San Francisco CA

General Architecture Collaborative, Syracuse NY

Gerhard Zinserling Architects, Chicago IL

Gigi McCabe-Miele Architects, Michigan City IN

GLS Landscape/Architecture, San Francisco CA

Go2 Design Studio , Saratoga CA

Goldstone Architecture, Bennington VT

Goody Clancy, Boston MA

Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects, Hopkinton MA

Gossens Bachman Architects, gbA , Montpelier VT

Goujon Design , Austin TX

Gray Organschi Architecture , New Haven CT

Great Blue Heron Studio Architects , Morrisville VT

Greater Good Studio , Chicago IL

Green Building Architects , Petaluma CA

Greene & Proppe Design, Inc. , Chicago IL

Greg Williams Architect , Evanston IL

Ground Inc.Landscape Architecture , Somerville MA

Gruen Associates , Los Angeles CA

Grunig Wertz Architects , New York NY

GSBS Architects , Salt Lake City UT


HA Architecture , Austin TX

Hacker Architects , Portland OR

Haley Donovan, LLC , Haddonfield NJ

Halvorson Design , Boston MA

Handel Architects LLP , New York NY

Harbinson Architects , Winston-Salem NC

Harboe Architects , Chicago IL

Hargreaves Associates , San Francisco CA

Hargreaves Jones , New York NY

Heidrun Hoppe Associates , Evanston IL

Heitzman Architects , Oak Park IL

Helen Crawford , Atlanta GA

Helix Architecture + Design , Kansas City MO

Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. , Portland OR

Herman Coliver Locus Architecture , San Francisco CA

Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape, LLC , Chicago IL

Holbert and Associates Architects , Chicago IL

Holly Street Studio Architects , Phoenix AZ

Holst Architecture , Portland OR

HouseHaus , Chicago IL

Houser Walker Architecture , Atlanta GA

Howard Alan Architects, Inc , Chicago IL

HPZS , Chicago IL

HUO architects , Austin TX

husARchitecture Inc , Chicago IL

HUSTEAD Landscape Architecture, LLC , Stevensville MD

Huth Architects , Newton MA


Ibañez Architecture , Fort Worth TX

IJM Group Inc. , La Grange IL

Imai Keller Moore Architects , Watertown MA

Ingenious Architecture , Chicago IL

Inhabit Interiors , Chicago IL

INVISION planning | architecture | interiors , Waterloo IA

Io Design Collaborative , Ogden UT

ISA , Philadelphia PA


J.T. Devine Architecture , Graton CA

Jacob Chartoff, AIA , Evanston IL

Jacoby Architects , Salt Lake City UT

JAHN , Chicago IL

James Scott Kraus , San Francisco CA

james sterling architect , Portland ME


Jan E. Noethe Architecture , Portland OR

Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc. , New York NY

JDJ Architects , Chicago IL

Jesse Bornstein Architecture , Santa Monica CA

Jessica Deis Designs, Inc. , Evanston IL

JGMA , Chicago IL

John Cole Architect , Arlington MA

John deSalvo Design , Chicago IL

John Kaliski Architects , Los Angeles CA

John Kelly Architects , Chicago IL

John Q. Doane, Architect , Essex Junction VT

Jones | Haydu , San Francisco CA

Jones Design Studio, PLLC , Tulsa OK

Jones Studio , Tempe AZ

Joseph Kosinski Architect , Palatine IL

Jurassic Studio , Chicago IL

JVArchitecture , Lake Forest CA


Kaplan Architects , San Francisco CA

Kaplan Thompson Architects , Portland ME

Katherine Austin, AIA, Architect , Bend OR

Kathleen Hallahan, Architect , San Diego CA

Kathryn Quinn Architects, Ltd. , Chicago IL

Kaya K. Doyle, AIA , Lake Zurich IL

KieranTimberlake , Philadelphia PA

KIMOY Studios. New York NY

Kingsley + Ginnodo Architects , Arlington Heights IL

Kipnis Architecture + Planning , Chicago IL

Klara Valent Interiors , Tucson AZ

Klopf Architecture , San Francisco CA

Klopfer Martin Design Group , Boston MA

KNArch , Port Washington NY

Knight Architecture, LLC , New Haven CT

Kore Architecture, inc. , Denver CO

Krebs Gujer Architekten , Beach Haven NJ

Krueck + Sexton Architects , Chicago IL

Kuklinski+Rappe Architects , Chicago IL

Kupiec Architects PC , Santa Barbara CA

Kuth Ranieri Architects , San Francisco CA


L.Barlow & Company , South Pasadena CA

lab practices , Syracuse NY

Lake|Flato Architects , San Antonio TX

Lance Jay Brown Architecture + Urban Design , New York NY

Land Design Collaborative, Inc. , Evanston IL

Landmark Design , Salt Lake City UT

Landon Bone Baker Architects , Chicago IL

Lane M. Duncan, AIA , Atlanta GA

Latent Design , Chicago IL

Lawton Stanley Architects , Chicago IL

LEDDY MAYTUM STACY Architects , San Francisco CA

Lee Ann Burkart , Charleston SC

lee+mundwiler architects , Santa Monica CA

Leers Weinzapfel Associates , Boston MA

Legat Architects , Chicago IL

Lehrer Architects LA , Los Angeles CA

Lenet, Crestani, Tallman Land Design, LLC , Chicago IL

Lenore Weiss Studios , Chicago IL

LENS Landscape Architecture, LLC , Bend OR

les jacobs architect , Evanston IL

Leslie Saul & Associates , Cambridge MA

Libby Raab Architecture , Portola Valley CA

Light/Space/Design , South Burlington VT

Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture , Los Angeles CA

Lisec Architects, LLC , Chicago IL

Liska Architects , Chicago IL

Liv Companies , Burr Ridge IL

Locus Architecture, Ltd. , Minneapolis MN

LOHA , Los Angeles CA

Lorraine Bonaventura Architect , Brooklyn NY

Lothan Van Hook Destefano Architecture (LVDA) , Chicago IL

Louise Braverman Architect , New York NY

Louise Harpman__PROJECTS , New York NY

Love Schack Architecture , Manhattan MT

LTL Architects , New York NY

LUCE et Studio , San Diego CA

Lucy C. Williams, Architect , St. Louis MO

Lundberg Design , San Francisco CA


M2 Architects , Wheaton IL

Macy Architecture , San Francisco CA

Mahlum Architects , Seattle WA

Malcolm Davis Architecture , San Francisco CA

Maldonado Design, LLC , Oak Park IL

Mangold Architecture , Chicago IL

Manion + Associates Architects , Bethesda MD

Manske Dieckmann Thompson , Chicago IL

Manypenny Murphy Architecture , Portsmouth NH

Maple Valley Design Build, Inc. , Manchester Center VT

Marble Fairbanks Architects , Brooklyn NY

Marcus Powell, Architect , Chicago IL

Marilyn Standley, Architect , Sebastopol CA

Mark A. Miller Architects/Builders Inc. , Evanston IL

Mark English Architects , San Francisco CA

Mark Eric Benner Architects, Ltd. , Northbrook IL

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture, Inc. , Santa Monica CA

Marks Thomas Architects , Baltimore MD

Marlon Blackwell Architects , Fayetteville AR

Marpillero Pollak Architects , New York NY

Martha Peck Andrews, FAIA, ARCHITECT , Portland OR

MAS Studio , Chicago IL

Mascioni & Behrmann, Architecture & Engineering, PC , New York NY

Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects , New York NY

Matthew Viederman Architect PC , New York NY

Mauro Crestani & Associates, Landscape Architects , Chicago IL

Mayer/Reed, Inc. , Portland OR

McGuire Igleski & Associates, Inc. , Evanston IL

McKay Landscape Architects , Chicago IL

McLeod Kredell Architects , Middlebury VT

Medical Facility Innovations Ltd , Leavenworth WA

Melichar Architects , Lake Forest IL

Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. , Portland OR

meterbuilt, inc. , Los Angeles CA

Mia Lehrer + Associates , Los Angeles CA

Michael Hennessey Architecture , San Francisco CA

Michael P Dolce AIA Architect , Forest Hill MD

MIIM Designs , Cambridge MA

Miles & Associates Inc , Minneapolis MN

Miller Hull Partnership , Seattle WA

Milo Meacham/Architect PLLC , Tucson AZ

Min | Day , Omaha NE

Minarik Architecture , Portland OR

Mitchell Garman Architects , Dallas TX

Mithun , San Francisco CA

MKM Landscape Architecture , New York NY

MMW Architects , Missoula MT

MN Design Professional Corporation , New York NY

Mohr & Seredin, Landscape Architects, Inc. , Portland ME

Morgante Wilson Architects , Evanston IL

Morse and Cleaver Architects , Sebastopol CA

moss , Chicago IL

MR Architecture + Decor , New York NY

MRSA Architects , Chicago IL

MSR Design , Minneapolis MN

MW Steele Group Inc. , San Diego CA



NADAAA , Boston MA

Nadi Design , Chicago IL


Neil T. Schoof Architect, Inc. , Chicago IL

Nest Architecture, Inc. , Lebanon PA

Neuhaus Design Architecture, PC , Brooklyn NY

Neumann Monson Architects , Iowa City IA

New Frameworks , Burlington VT

NguyenLawrence , Denver CO

Nia Architects, Inc. , Chicago IL

Nicholas Design Collaborative , Chicago IL

Norman Kelley , Chicago IL

Norsman Architects, Ltd. , Chicago IL

Northern Architects, Inc , Burlington VT

Northlight Architects LLC , Chicago IL

Nushu, LLC , Chicago IL


Odile Compagnon Architect , Chicago IL

Office of Charles F Bloszies, FAIA , San Francisco CA

OKW Architects, Inc , Chicago IL

Omni Ecosystems , Chicago IL


Opsis Architecture , Portland OR

Overland Partners , San Antonio TX


P.K. VanderBeke, Architect , Chicago IL

Paola Mori , Dresher PA

Pappageorge Haymes Partners , Chicago IL

PARACHIN design studios, ltd. , Chicago IL

Parallel Architecture , Evanston IL

Patricia K. Emmons Architecture & Fine Art , Seattle WA

Paul J. Levine, Architect , Pittsburgh PA

Paul Preissner Architects , Chicago IL

Paulett Taggart Architects , San Francisco CA

Pavlecic Trudeau Architects , Chicago IL

Payette , Boston MA

Peabody Architects , Alexandria VA

Perimeter Architects , Chicago IL

Perkins Eastman , New York NY

Peter Eric Siegal, AIA , Evanston IL

Pfeiffer Architects , New York NY

Phillip O. Perkins Design , Oakland CA

Pill-Maharam Architects , Shelburne VT

Pirie Associates Architects, New Have CT

PLACE studio LLC , Portland OR

Plank Road Studios llc , Keene VA

Pliskin Architecture , New York NY

PLY Architecture , Ann Arbor MI

Practice for Architecture and Urbanism , New York NY

Prassas Landscape Studio LLC , Chicago IL

Prescott Muir Architects , Salt Lake City UT

Propel Studio , Portland OR

Public Design Architects , Oak Park IL

Pullman Architects , Demarest NJ


Quantum Architects LLC , Forest Lake MN

Quennell Rothschild & Partners , New York NY


Radix Design , Denver CO

Randall Bees Architectural Design, LLC , Glendale Heights IL

Raw Design Studio , Salt Lake City UT

RDM Architecture , Kansas City MO

re:architecture , Boulder CO

Read & Company Architects, Inc. , Baltimore MD

Red Cottage Studios , Seattle WA

Reed Hilderbrand , Cambridge MA

Reif Architects , Lafayette CA

revolution architecture (r)evolution , La Grange IL

Reyes Associates, Inc. , Evanston IL

Richard Brown Architect AIA , Portland OR

Rick Joy Architects , Tucson AZ

Rinda West Landscape Designs , Chicago IL

Risinger + Associates, Inc. , Chicago IL

River Architects , Cold Spring NY

Rivetna Architects , Chicago IL

RKTB Architects , New York NY

RL Dooley Architect, PLLC , Bremerton WA

RNT Architects , San Diego CA

Rob Paulus Architects , Tucson AZ


Robert Drucker Architects LLC , Seattle WA

Robert V. Sierzega & Associates , Chicago IL

Roberts Architects ltd , Evanston IL

Roche + Roche Landscape Architecture , Sonoma CA

Rockford Associates , Rockford IL

Rockwell Associates Architects , Evanston IL

rojkind arquitectos , Hartford CT

Ross Barney Architects , Chicago IL

Roula Associates Architects, CHTD , Chicago IL

Rovner Architectural Designs, PLC , South Burlington VT

Rubiostudio , Chicago IL

Rudy Polwin Architects , Waitsfield VT

Ruhl Walker Architects , Boston MA

Ruland Design Group , San Diego CA

Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects , New York NY


S. Conger Architects , Chicago IL

Sacred Space Planning , Clifton Park NY

Sakal & Hood Architecture and Urban Design , Los Angeles CA

Salus Architecture Inc. , Seattle WA

Sam Marts Architects & Planners Ltd. , Chicago IL

Samina Iqbal Architect, PLLC , Swarthmore PA

Sanders Pace Architecture , Knoxville TN

Sarah Deeds Architect , Berkeley CA

Scattergood Design , Portland ME

Scott / Edwards Architecture , Portland OR

scrafano architects , Chicago IL

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects , Chicago IL

Selbert Perkins Design , Playa Del Rey CA

Selin + Selin Architecture , Shelburne VT

SERA Architects , Portland OR

Serena Sturm Architects , Chicago IL

Shands Studio , San Anselmo CA

Shapiro Associates , Chicago IL

SHED Studio , Chicago IL

Sheldon Pennoyer Architects , Concord NH

Shelter Architecture , Minneapolis MN

Sheryl Jordan Architect, Glen Ridge NJ

SHP Leading Design , Loveland OH

Siegel & Strain Architects , Emeryville CA

Site Design Group , Chicago IL

SKJN Architekten Corp. , Chicago IL

Skylab Architecture , Portland OR

Smith & Vansant Architects PC , Norwich VT

Smith-Miller+Hawkinson Architects, LLP, New York NY

SMNG A Ltd., Chicago IL

SN Design Collaborative, Blaine WA

Snohetta, New York NY

Snow Kreilich Architects, Minneapolis MN

Sorensen Architects, Seattle WA

Space Architects + Planners, Chicago IL

Spalding Tougias Architects, Inc., Boston MA

Spring Architects , Austin TX

SRG Partnership , Portland OR

srh design, architecture & interior design , Evanston IL

Steckel Parker Architects, Inc. , Springfield IL

Stefan Helgeson Associates, LLC , Edina MN

Steffen+Schwerin Architects, Ltd. , Chicago IL

Stephen J. Kelley, Inc. , Oak Park IL

Stephen J. Wierzbowski, AIA , Chicago IL

Stephen K. Cook, ASLA, LEED AP O+M , Gaithersburg MD

Stephen Rankin Associates , Chicago IL

Sterner Design , Cincinnati OH

Stirling/Brown Architects, Inc., Winchester MA

STL Architects , Chicago IL

Stoecker and Northway Architects , Campbell CA

Strawn + Sierralta , Honolulu HI

Strening Architects , Santa Rosa CA

Stuart Basseches Architect , Sag Harbor NY

Stuart D. Shayman Associates , Winnetka IL

STUDIO , Santa Monica CA

Studio ARB ARCH, LLC , Atlanta GA

Studio Dwell Architects , Chicago IL

Studio for Urban Projects , San Francisco CA

Studio Forma , Naperville IL

Studio G Architects , Jamaica Plain MA

Studio Gang , Chicago IL

Studio KDA , Berkeley CA

Studio Kuo , New York NY

studio M MERGE , Oakland CA

Studio Ma , Phoenix AZ

Studio Nigro Architecture + Design , Chicago IL

Studio Petretti Architecture , Portland OR

Studio VK, New York , New York NY

studioB design LLC , Wilmette IL

studioblue Architecture , Burlington VT

StudioC Architecture+Planning+Design , West Lafayette IN

studioWTA LLC , New Orleans LA

Suisman Urban Design , Santa Monica CA

Suski Design, Inc. Architects , Chicago IL

sustain ABLE , Chicago IL

Swaner Design , Park City UT

SYNCRO Architecture Studio , San Antonio TX

Synecdoche Design , Ann Arbor MI


TA Dumbleton Architect PC , New York NY

TannerHecht Architecture , San Francisco CA

TCA Architecture Planning , Seattle WA

TEF Design , San Francisco CA

Terry Guen Design Associates , Chicago IL

the office of daniel c caudy llc , Elmhurst IL

The Organic Garden Coach , Downers Grove IL

Thomas Roszak Architecture , Chicago IL

Thomas S Shiner Architect , Bethesda MD

Tigerman McCurry Architects , Chicago IL

Tilton, Kelly + Bell, LLC , Chicago IL

Timothy Bennett Architects PC , Highland Park IL

Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects | Partners , New York NY

Topiarius, Inc , Chicago IL

tower pinkster , Kalamazoo MI

Towers Golde, LLC , New Haven CT

transFORM Arch + Design, Pleasanton CA

Trio Studio , Chicago IL

Troyer Group , Mishawaka IN


Ulrich Bachand Landscape Architecture, LLC , Dedham MA

Urban Works, Ltd. , Chicago IL

UrbanBiology LLC , Annapolis MD

Utile , Boston MA


Valerio Dewalt Train Associates , Chicago IL

Valle Design Studio , Chicago IL

Van Meter WIlliams Pollack LLP , San Francisco CA

VeeDeeGee Architecture Design Fabrication , Portland OR

Via Chicago Architects + Diseñadores , Chicago IL

Vinci | Hamp Architects, Inc. , Chicago IL

VJAA , Minneapolis MN

Vladimir Radutny Architects , Chicago IL

von Oeyen Architects , Los Angeles CA

von Weise Associates , Chicago IL


Walter Street ARCHITECTURE , Chicago IL

Ward Joyce Design , Montpelier VT

Waterleaf Architecture LLC, Portland, OR

Watershedstudio Architecture , White River Junction VT

WDN Architecture, LLC , Oak Park IL

Weese Langley Weese Architects LTD , Chicago IL

Welch Architecture Inc. , Dallas TX

Wendell Burnette Architects , Phoenix AZ

Wenk Associates , Denver CO

Whitney Inc. , Oak Brook IL

Wiemann Lamphere Architects , Colchester VT

Will Bruder Architects , Phoenix AZ

WIZ 79 DESIGN , Chicago IL

workshop AB2C , Edmonds WA

Worn Jerabek Wiltse Architects P.C. , Chicago IL

Worthington Architecture + Design , Emeryville CA

Wrap Architecture , Chicago IL

Wright Hand Designs , Seattle WA

WRNS Studio , San Francisco CA

YGAI , Atlanta GA


ZED Architects, P.C. , Chicago IL

Zero ten design, San Francisco CA

ZGF Architects LLP, Portland OR

Zoetic Architecture, Corvallis OR



3C-innovate Inc., Cutler Bay FL

4orm Studio, Chicago IL

Acoustics By Design, Portland OR


AJT Technology Designs Inc, Aurora IL

Allied Consulting Engineering Services, Inc., Sudbury MA

Atelier Ten, New Haven CT

better, Inc., Burlington VT

BrainSpaces Inc, Chicago IL

Building Services Unlimited, Miami FL

Carolyn L. Bates Photography, Burlington VT

Chicago Greenbricks LLC, Chicago IL

Chinook Systems, Arlington VA

Community Heritage Partners - Eugene Aleci, RA, AIA, APA, Lancaster PA

Corey Gaffer Photography, Minneapolis MN

Culicidae Press, Ames IA

Design Build Alliance, Austin TX

Design Tectonics, Simi Valley CA

Development Management Associates, LLC , Chicago IL

eggersmann Chicago, Chicago IL

EHT Traceries, Inc., Washington DC

Eighty Eight Inc., Chicago IL

Environmental Systems Design, Chicago IL

Eskenazi & Farrell Associates LLC, Chicago IL

Green Dinosaur, Inc., Culver City CA

Green Home Chicago Design Center, Chicago IL

Green Leaf Architecture and Specification Support, Burlington VT

Halcom Consulting LLC, Albuquerque NM

Halvorson and Partners, Chicago IL

HJKessler Associates , Chicago IL

Interface, Atlanta GA

Jaros Baum & Bolles Consulting Engineers, New York NY

jozeph forakis ... design, Brooklyn NY

Klein and Hoffman, Chicago IL

Kugelfisch Kommunikation GmbH, Higginsport OH

Lee Bey Architectural Photography, Chicago IL

Leslie Adler Fine Art, Ramsey NJ

Lightswitch, Chicago IL

Linda Stephens strategy + marketing, Oak Park IL

Line Three Studio, Minneapolis MN

MAG Architect/ Code Consulting Inc., Chicago IL

Metl-Span, Chicago IL

Middlefork Development, Chicago IL

New Voodou, Santa Fe NM

Nicole Mayer Kulturmanagement GmbH, Hammonton NJ

NSpire, Alexandria VA

Paul Hydzik Photography , Chicago IL

Pedal Design Lab , Minneapolis MN

Peter J. Sieger Architectural Photography , Minneapolis MN

Planning Resources Inc. , Wheaton IL

Profacts , Anchorage AK

Property Solutions, Inc. , Chicago IL

QORF Renders , Chicago IL

R+G Environments LLC , Chicago IL

Richard Knorr International, Ltd. , Chicago IL

Ryan Siemers Photography and Design , Eden Prairie MN

Scarlett Consulting , Chicago IL

Schuler Shook Theatre Planners/Lighting Designers , Chicago IL

Spatial Perception LLC , Poughquag NY

Spirit of Space , Milwaukee WI

Sustainability Education, Acumen & Craft Consulting , Chicago IL

Sustainable Design , Manchester Center VT

Sustainable Design + Behavior , Emeryville CA

Talentstar, Inc. , Petaluma CA

The B-Collaborative , Naperville IL

The Green Facilitator, Inc. , Chicago IL

The Lombard Company , Alsip IL

The Roof Crop LLC , Chicago IL

The Walker Group NW , Seattle WA

Thirst , Chicago IL

Transsolar KlimaEngineering, New York, NY

Threshold Acoustics , Chicago IL

Tom Harris Architectural Photography , Chicago IL

Transform Global , Dallas TX

Verdical Group , Los Angeles CA

visualizedconcepts inc. , Chicago IL



American Institute of Architects, San Mateo County Chapter

American Institute of Architects, Santa Clara Valley Chapter

American Institute of Architecture Students, Andrews University Chapter

American Institute of Architecture Students, Ferris State University Chapter

American Institute of Architecture Students, Lawrence Technological University Chapter

American Institute of Architecture Students, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

American Society of Landscape Architects, Illinois Chapter

American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter

Archeworks, Chicago IL

Architects Advocate for Action on Climate Change, Chicago IL

Arquitectos Chicago, Chicago IL

Asian Neighborhood Design, San Francisco CA

California Institute of Environmental Design & Management

Center for the Living City, Salt Lake City UT

Charles Moore Foundation, Austin TX

Geothermal Exchange Organization, Springfield IL

Gowanus Canal Conservancy , Brooklyn NY

School of Architecture. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu HI

University of Illinois at Chicago, Office of Capital Planning and Project Management

University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign, Champaign IL